Aurora musician loves blues music

Jamie MacDonald of Aurora wound not intend to shake the blues. He is Aurora Winter Blues Festival's director and he has arranged informal live blues shows out of his home for more than ten years.

His love for this music genre was recognized at Toronto's Canadian Maple Blues Music Awards ceremony. there he was named as the biggest Blues fan. His younger brother was also present there and in fact he also has a huge passion for this blues genre.

Mr. MacDonald told that it was really a great scope to take the top acts from across Canada. The award was announced during the middle of the show. That is the time when his wife had made a submission on his behalf.

When MacDonald was 8 years of age, his love for blues music begun; and that is the time when he started listening to music and attending classes. He told that a whole lot of rock and roll and jazz goes back to the blues. the music was very soulful. He used to play Blues tunes on Saturday and Sunday mornings. It has always been natural; his true passion.

The 2nd Aurora Winter Blues Festival will be held on 2nd March at the Theatre Aurora and the proceeds would go to York's Blue Door Shelters. The program offers counselling, support services as well as shelter for homeless people. A silent auction, has also been planned. It also helps the Youth In Music program that raises money to help young Aurora people who need financial help for music instruments and lessons. To know more about this event, you can go to -

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