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Marcia Ball has been playing piano ever since she was five years. But even after tasting success, she never thinks before bowing down to vocalist of New Orleans Irma Thomas. She says that Thomas is her true inspiration and idol. Singer, Piano player and song writer will make an appearance at the Cactus Theater this coming Saturday around 7.30 pm.

Some local bar owners like Bruce Jaggers and Carlo Campanelli, to name a couple, said that in the 1970s a performance by Marcia Ball created an atmosphere of partying. This ambience made her come back to Lubbock time and again. But this was prior, before the world came to know of her immense talent and she tasted success outside the vicinity of Texas and Louisiana.

But in spite of her widespread popularity, she was not a rare persona. She has won awards all over the world because of her music which has a touch of southern Louisiana and carries with itself the spirit of Cajun and Texas.

Born in Orange and brought up in Vinton, La, at the home of late blues musician Clarence Gatemouth Brown. She had told to a New Jersey journalist some time in this month that her music is like a transplanted part of southern Louisiana which shows up till northern part of Jersey. She says that the music which she sings is popular around the world because it is full of fun and frolic.

Ball also mentioned that she never thought she would enter the world of music and be a musician. She did majors in English and also tried out her hand in journalism for a short period.

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