Inaugural blues festival at Riverwalk

On Saturday it was a beautiful night at the Riverwalk where the very first Bradenton Blues Festival reached beyond expectations. Hands clapped, drinks flowed, Music played and hips swayed. Along with general music lovers, VIP guests also poured in at the newly opened Riverwalk.

Realize Bradenton (the host of the event) executive director Johnette Isham told that Realize Bradenton builds community and economic development. The very first Bradenton Blues Festival can be compared to a home run as it has done both.

At first Realize Bradenton expected to sell at least 800 tickets, but mush to their surprise, around 1200 tickets were ordered online and at last they were able to sell 3126 tickets.

Festival consultant Paul Benjamin told that he had been doing shows for the past twenty five years and any event with 800 to 1200 in its first year is very successful, but this event has doubled that figure. This is really a great achievement for a first year event.

The event was sponsored by over fifty two sponsors that included an educational program for around three hundred music students at the Manatee High School as well as a free concert on Friday night. Proceeds from the event will help music and art programs at local schools.

Johnette Isham told that Realize Bradenton does things like this – it blends fabulous music, youth education and free concert. He added that they are really thankful for all the support they have received from their sponsors as well as the Downtown Development Authority.

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