Perlman brought classical music to the the residents of NJ in what turned out to be a highly entertaining encounter, "It's very nice, but you can't think about it," Perlman says, laughing during a phone call from his New York City apartment. "What I think about, mainly, is making sure that whatever I do onstage is up to my standards and is the best that I can do. If you start to think about that kind of thing, you basically lose the reason as to why you're doing it. I'm here to make the best music that I can make and to give it to the audience. If they feel it's something terrific, I'm very happy."

Chances are that it's music lovers who'll be very happy after seeing Perlman's show Sunday at bergenPAC. Though he didn't yet have a finalized set list at the time of this interview, Perlman intimated that he'll perform "standard works" along the lines of Beethoven, Brahms or Mozart. "And, for sure, you're going to hear some virtuoso pieces," Perlman says. "It's going to be a recital that I personally would go hear somebody else perform. I only do programs that I like."

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