Sullivan County arranges first blues festival

Barbara Mensch's profession became photography, but she never lost his love for music. Last weekend, Barbara, along with some twenty other music lovers, went to The Sullivan's ballroom where Rob Canillo, a well known blues artist hold a workshop for aspiring lyricists.

Barbara Mensch said that music has a universal language and it has no boundaries. The ballroom at The Sullivan turned into a hot-spot for that regions’ blues music last weekend. The whole event was dedicated to blues harpist Little Sammy, whose original name is Sammy Davis.

Little Sammy, the well known harmonica player, who suffered a stroke 5 years ago, is now living at a Middletown nursing home. Randy Resnick, the event’s organizer told that they wanted to bring the whole region together for blues music.

Fred Scribner, also known as Midnight Slim, played with Little Davis for over twenty years. Before they met, Little Davis shared the stage with people like Muddy Waters and Albert King. Fred told that Davis is surely one of the best ever. When Davis starts playing, anyone could figure out that it is him within seconds.

The event offered gut-wrenching and foot-tapping music from a lineup that mostly has musicians from the Hudson Valley. The first day acts on Friday included acts from Alexis Suter, Dan Brother, Petey Hop.

Harmonicas, jewelry and artworks were also on sale during that event. There was also jambalaya, gumbo as well as other foods to eat. People, who attended the event, were really excited to see 4 – 5 bands in a single day.

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